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Current Available Wholesale Soap Scents:

Activated Charcoal Tea Tree (EO)
Beautiful Day (FO)
Citrus Basil (EO)
Clean Cotton (FO)
Coconut Cream (FO)
Eucalyptus Pink Himalayan (EO)
Goat Milk, Oatmeal & Honey
Juniper Sage (FO)
Lavender Mint (EO)
Lemon Rosemary (EO)
Man oh Man (FO)
Oatmeal Lavender (EO)
Patchouli (EO)
Pure Romance (FO)
Spearmint Orange (EO)
Spring Fling (B)
Tangerine Lemongrass (EO)
Woodland (FO)
Yu-zu Crazy (FO)

EO= essential oil    FO= fragrance oil 
B= blend essential/fragrance    OOS= out of stock

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