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A Family Business

We are a small family business, based in Connecticut, hoping to bring you pure clean soaping pleasure! Our team consists of husband, wife and mother. We started out on this journey mostly because at the age of 3 years old my daughter was diagnosed with cancer (Ewing's Sarcoma) Just days after her birthday actually. She had cancer in her calcaneous (heel bone) that metastasized to her lungs. It was all consuming that we had to have her foot amputated. She had chemo and then radiation to her lungs. She responded very well to her treatment and is now 6 years clear! After all this, I started looking into more natural products to use and treat with.

After taking classes, doing research, reading lots of books, making lots of soaps... here we are! But soap wasn't enough. I wanted to get my hands into making a few other things as well. One of which is our herbal salve. My daughter can get terrible rashes from her prothesis. I found that after just one use in most cases, her rash would clear up and she would be back in her leg and running around! I too use this salve on my cuts and skin irritations. Believe it or not, I am allergic to Bacatracin which is the main ingredient in most antibiotic ointments.

Our daughter loves watching us (grandma Gloria and myself) make soap and our other goodies and is excited to one day be able to help. I think I'm going to love that! I believe we owe this new adventure all to her. She is my true inspiration.

Why is handmade cold processed soap so much better for you than commercial soap?

  • NO damaging and drying chemicals like commercial soaps.
  • Our base is made from a combination of soft and hard oils, goat milk and lye.
  • When lye and oils saponify, a wonderful, naturally moisturizing component is created, Glycerin.
  • Glycerin helps your skin to keep it's healthy glow and feel.
  • Glycerin is a "humectant" (it attracts moisture)....soap with glycerin actually moisturizes your skin. Soap without glycerin dries it out.
  • Our cold processed soap has a very high glycerin content created naturally by the saponification process.